MICF 2024

We are excited to be running several spaces for the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

All our spaces are indoors, set up as theatre seating, with front of house, full box office services, basic light and sound rigs included.

Our venues are designed to run multiple shows per night, with strictly enforced runtimes (check each venue for specifics) and no intervals.

Our preference is to stage works that run for at least one week (7 performances).

Our venues are:

The Butterfly Club

At 5 Carson Place, a short stroll from the main MICF hub at Town Hall, featuring two performance spaces that seat 76 and 48 each. 60min max runtime.

DoubleTree by Hilton

At 270 Flinders Street between Swanston and Elizabeth, an equally short stroll from the main MICF hub at Town Hall, featuring a single performance space that seats 120. 50min max runtime.

Tasma Terrace

The iconic pre-Covid MICF venue is back! At 4 Parliament Place off Spring Street, featuring four performance spaces that seat 40, in a building that's normally used as the headquarters of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria). 50min max runtime.

Pilgrim Bar

Another pre-Covid favourite is coming back to the Festival! In a frankly incredible location on the Yarra river below Fed Square, next to drinking and eating landmark Riverland, featuring two performance spaces that seat 30. Exceptional for emerging stand up comedians, 50min max runtime.

How to apply

Important: If you've already applied using the form on The Butterfly Club's website, you're done! We assess all enquiries against all venues no matter your stated preference, and this form goes to the same place. Step away from the keyboard, have a refreshing snack.

Otherwise, please fill this form and our programming team will be in touch:

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Your details

Tell us about your background, your cast, etc etc. Any social media links and (optionally) YouTube videos go here too.

The show

This is not a marketing pitch: it's a plain and simple description of what the show will likely contain.

Preferred dates

If you have no preference, leave these blank.


We know that it's difficult to forecast financials, but we also know that producers who put thought into budgeting tend to have a much better time than producers who don't.

Ballpark figures are perfectly ok, any jokes here will not make you look good. If you don't know, leave it blank


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