Enter Closer

Presenting shows. Lots of them.

Enter Closer is a presenting company based in Melbourne, Australia. We develop and manage business systems for presenting independent (artist-funded) live entertainment. We focus on a high-volume/low-cost approach, making it possible for a small team to present a vast number of works.

What is presenting?

Presenting means "to bring before the public". When a producer of a live show wants to bring their work to the public, they go talk to a presenter - that may be a festival, a theatre manager, or anyone else with direct control over a presentation space.

We own and operate The Butterfly Club, presenting well over 1000 performances every year.

Do we produce shows?

Very occasionally, we pick outstanding shows from The Butterfly Club and come on board as their producers - it's a great way to remember what it's like to be in the shoes of our business counterparts. In recent years we've had the joy of producing artists including Tim Ferguson and Simon Taylor.